Employee Engagement and Retention in the New World of Work

By Tenacity CX

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How many days a week are Australian contact centres asking staff to come into the office? How many days a week do employees want to come in? What do contact centre and CX leaders think has the biggest impact on attrition? What´s the biggest change employees want you to make that will make them stay longer?

To find out the answers to these and lots of other questions we interviewed and surveyed over 60 leading contact centre and CX employers. We combined that with our recent survey of over 100 employees who had recently been in the job market to come up with some surprising insights.

Download the full report here and see what your competitors and peers are doing to compete in this job market.

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Rethinking the Employee Value Proposition for the New World of Work

As we all know, contact centres are having a hard time finding and retaining quality staff. Some are reporting that they are running 20% under their usual FTE headcount.

This is partly due to the current job market – unemployment hit another record low of 3.4% recently. Since the start of the pandemic a lot of workers, particularly the over-50s, have left the workforce. That, combined with lower levels of immigration and international travel, accounts for some of the worker and skills shortage.

But it is also partly a result of our collective changing ideas around work itself. In the wake of the pandemic, workers are demanding more flexibility in where and when they work. They are even questioning the purpose of work and wondering what’s in it for them beyond the salary.

Many appear to have had an epiphany; they want work to fit around their personal lives, not the other way around.

So, what should the new value proposition be? To understand that we need to understand the role that work plays in our personal identity. When we meet a stranger we ask them their name, where they live, and what they do. We need to think about how work impacts our sense of self-worth, and we have to look at that from a whole person point of view to put work in the context of our wider lives.

Tim Buzza, Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Attune Work Solutions

In this report

In this white paper based on interviews with over a dozen senior CX and contact centre leaders in Australia, as well as a survey of over 60 more leaders, we look at a potential radical approach to the future of work in our industry.

It is a future where workers are empowered to create their own experience of work, where their personal lives are enabled and enhanced by their work, rather than impeded.

Forward-thinking employers that build an employee value proposition for this new world of work will benefit from:

  • Being employers of choice and having the pick of the best talent,

  • Reducing their attrition rates to well below double digits,

  • Reducing their hiring costs as they will recruit faster and lose less people – which will also impact training and onboarding costs,

  • A more flexible approach to work and scheduling, meaning they won’t be paying for headcount they don’t always need,

  • Vastly reduced real estate costs as they leverage hybrid and remote work for everyone’s benefit – including their own,

  • Much improved performance and productivity by having the best quality staff, and retaining them for longer, as well as the right balance of resources to demand at all times,

  • Creating a pipeline of multi-skilled future managers and leaders who understand your customers and multiple aspects of your business,

  • Improved customer satisfaction due to having happier, longer-serving staff who are emotionally invested in your business for all the right reasons.

One of the best things we did was fast-track remote working. I like the fact some employers are pushing ahead with a work where you work best strategy. Personally, I like that and it fits my work style. It’s maybe not as easy, but empowering people to decide when they work, as well as where they work, will help them fit work around their lifestyle.

Head of Client Services, Niche Australian super fund

Download the full report here to see how a new value proposition for contact centre employees can help you find and retain the great people your organisation needs.