The Future of Work in the Contact Centre and CX Industry
The Future of Work in the Contact Centre and CX Industry

The Future of Work in the Contact Centre and CX Industry

The Australian job market and the way we work have been transformed by the pandemic. In this series of reports we interview and survey leading employers, survey hundreds of candidates, and analyse the ever-changing market data.

Improve your own results by understanding how your competitors and peers are facing up to their recruitment and attrition challenges in this job market.

Report Three: A New Way of Working (December 2022)

Based on interviews and a survey of over 60 of your competitors and peers, this report focuses on employee engagement and retention challenges. Download it to find out:

  • How many days in the office your competitors and peers are mandating,

  • What they think the big changes to flexible working arrangements will be in the next few years,

  • How what employers want compares with what employees are really after,

  • What everyone else’s major attrition and recruitment challenges are, and what they’re doing to fix them.

Report Two: Recruitment and Retention (October 2022)

In this report, we dive into what job seekers are looking for in this job market so we can design a recruitment strategy fit for purpose - includes an exclusive survey of contact centre candidates to find out what they really want.

Report One: The Job Market and The Workplace (July 2022)

The first report analysed the latest data on the Australian job market. We also talked to major employers and recruiters in the industry to share their experiences with you.

Download the reports today. We're sure you'll find some useful information and tips in it to help improve your recruitment results.