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Robbie Smith

Robbie Smith

Recruitment Consultant - Banking and Finance

​Strictly Business

What is the best interview tip you offer your Job Seekers? 
Be prepared! Research the company, read over the job description and be well versed with the company's vision and values.

Using the STAR methodology will help you to articulate your skills and experience effectively.

What is your favourite quote?
" Don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is motivation, I don't think you can go wrong" - Ella Fitzgerald

A Little More Personal

In your dream office environment, what one item would you like to see?
My perfect office environment would have a Guinness Tap and Endless supply of Irish stews.

Just For Fun

What is the funniest or most unusual job you have ever had?
I braved it as a paper boy at 12 years old. Lots of dogs!